11 November 2012

Free Movie Screenings on 12 Nov 2012

Free Movie Screenings on 12 Nov 2012 at Golden Village City Square Level 5. Seats are available on a first come first serve basis.

7 November 2012

Taxi Sharing

Sharing of taxi not only can save you some money, it also save the environment as well. A simple search on Google or other search engines with the keyword taxi sharing/pooling in Singapore will return a list of results ranging from web-based type or mobile applications.

I will introduce two mobile applications that share similar features.



Both applications share similar concepts whereby users can simply enter the starting and destination points so that the system will match accordingly.


Pros: Nice concept and convenient on the go.
Cons: Need more users to use in order for the system to match easily.

3 November 2012

How To Order Cai Fan(Mixed Veg Rice) Like A Pro

You may want to try?

28 October 2012

Pioneer Magazine

Every national service man should have seen Pioneer Magazine before as it is auto subscribed once you entered army. For those who are not sure, it is a magazine that writes about military news and fitness tips etc. 

You will receive pioneer magazine delivered to your house monthly. The monthly subscription fee is S$0.40 which will be deducted from your pay. When you are completing your full time national service, they will deduct S$14.40 in advance from your last month pay so that the magazine subscription will be extended for another three years.

Some of you might wonder why I wrote this article as subscription fee of S$0.40 per month is reasonable for a magazine. I agreed that the price is reasonable. However, below are some of the points you may want to know:

  1. Some households may receive more than 1 copy as they might have brothers who is also serving national service
  2. Some of them do not bother to read the magazine
  3. Some of them use it to put fish bones
  4. There is an online web version which is FREE
  5. There is also an iPad version which is FREE plus it includes interactive multimedia contents
If you wish to unsubscribe pioneer magazine, you can look for your unit S1 or admin clerk if you are still an active national service man. Alternatively, you can send an email to pnr_cir@starnet.gov.sg if you are an ORD Personnel.

To conclude, I think mindef should not force every national service man to auto subscribe the magazine as they should promote their online web or iPad version.

Saving Tips
  1. You can save more than S$14.40 if you were to unsubscribe early
  2. You can save the environment by choosing the free digital versions

24 October 2012

7 Ways To Save Money In Your 20s

Here are a few tips to survive and thrive in your 20s without breaking the bank.

  1. Live with Roommates
  2. Rent appliances
  3. Invest in a bicycle instead of motorcycle or car
  4. Learn to Cook
  5. Cancel Your Cable TV Subscription
  6. Steer clear of credit cards
  7. Volunteer With an Organization

For more elaboration, check out Yahoo News link.